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Awards Ceremony

Awards CeremonyWho Wants Tickets?

Many a promoter, from ancient times to the present day, has capitalised on our love for awards ceremonies, with a rather prominent channel epitomising our penchant for watching awards shows. TV isn’t the only one incorporating these ceremonies into its repertoire to attract custom, however, but the platform is certainly indicative of our fascination for these kinds of ceremonies.

Think of the Oscars, GRAMMYs, Golden Globes, and the BAFTA Awards – the list of televised and hugely popular awards shows is a long one. Rivalled only by royal weddings and possibly the FIFA World Cup, these celebrity-packed shows enjoy a huge turnout, because as people we love watching others getting their due. So no, that’s not only true when we see some obnoxious character slip on ice or fall into a cactus stand, on the contrary, we also take great glee in seeing people positively rewarded too, probably because we all know just how meaningful and good it feels to be given an award, to be recognised.


They Populate Every Sphere of Human Endeavour

Business is a great awards arena. There are awards for the travel industry, hospitality industry, service industry and manufacturing industry. Then there are awards on different levels: industry, national, international, and in-house too. Sports, of course, cannot today be separated from the notion of awards, and such prizes drive competition to the modern level of extreme performance. Athletes keep getting better in their pursuit of the top prize, and it’s amazing to witness.

Academia is another hotbed of awards where trophies, medals, and plaques are inseparable from academic performance in the modern era. Not only does such recognition look extremely good on someone’s CV, but there is also a genuine elation in receiving an award that’s seldom possible to match in any other way. In fact, awards are such a huge part of our human behaviour, most children need no explanation of the concept past age six. Of course, this is because, from an early age, children thrill to the idea of achieving in class or on the sports field, with everyone yearning to be officially recognised for their best achievements.


Trophy and Medal Boutique Is an Awards Factory

When you need medals, trophies, plaques, and everything in between, come to Trophy and Medal Boutique for the best in choice and final finish. We “get” the value of awards – we’ve made several thousand of many types over the years – and that experience and understanding shine through the final product.

If it’s important enough to reward, it’s worth doing it right. Trophy and Medal Boutique will make your dreams come to life. We supply truly bespoke, designer-gorgeous trophies, medals, and plaques to more industries than we can count, and we like being of service. We’re here for you, so call or mail or simply swing by, and we’ll show you just how grand modern awards can be.