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Custom Trophy Engraving

Custom Trophy Engraving for that Personal Touch

When receiving an award, it can make you feel appreciated and valued, especially when you take a closer look, and you realise there is a custom trophy engraving just for you. If you have an award ceremony coming up and you would like to add a personal touch to the trophies, custom engravings are the way to go. The next step, however, is deciding what to engrave. If the moment is feeling a little bit too big for you, or you’d like some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, take a look at our list of top suggestions for custom trophy engraving.

An Inspirational Quote

Think of the person you are awarding. Which characteristics do you feel best to embody their journey and accomplishment? If you feel that they’d shown a lot of perseverance, consider engraving a quote about that specific attribute. If you feel the person receiving the award is more of a creative, maybe a line from their favourite artist would be more apt. This shows that you recognise their journey and could be the perfect way to pay tribute to their success.

An Inside Joke

If your award ceremony is slightly more light-hearted, consider engraving the award with something that the person is known for in the office or your close circle. This adds a personal touch to the award and makes the evening all the more fun!

Year, Name and Accomplishment

Many people enjoy the idea of sharing a trophy and handing it over to the next winner every year. This can help start a tradition and allows the multiple winners of the trophy to share their legacy as it passes through the generations. If you have a similar idea in mind, it would be best to keep the engraving small and simple, allowing for more engravings to be added on as the years go by.

A Personal Note

Awarding someone with a trophy can be a way of showing that you respect and acknowledge the important role they play in your company. By adding custom trophy engraving, you can furthermore show your appreciation by adding a personal note of thanks.

How Can We Assist

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we offer custom trophy engraving services for any personal or corporate awards. Be sure to contact us if you’re looking to personalise your awards or create a custom design – we’d love to be a part of the celebration.