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Engraving The Ultimate Finishing Touch

Engraving is Often the Ultimate Finishing Touch on Trophies

Plaques, medals, cups and trophies-we love awards, and people young and old still jostle for a chance to get one. Schoolchildren, sportspeople, even CEOs are all eminently aware of the potential for awards available in their fraternity, and the ages-old practice of giving awards was cemented a long time ago as a globally recognised tendency. That’s actually quite a remarkable reality, if we try to think of any other custom that transcends race, culture and creed.

Trophies that celebrate achievements come in a wide variety of designs and materials, but their one commonality is that they are almost always all engraved or otherwise identified, usually along with a commemorative inscription for the recipient. Of course, the technology has grown from the days of the best engravers being the oldest! It doesn’t take a lifetime of engraving with a handheld electric tool to achieve perfect engraving nowadays, although most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between modern engraving methodologies and the old guy sitting at the workbench’s efforts!

An Award is Always Welcome

Awarding achievers; a token of recognition for their efforts is a fundamentally human thing, and in the digital age, a concrete trophy or other award has perhaps become even more valuable than ever before. Of course, a gold medal from one of the first Olympic games would have a greater value, but the value of today’s awards lies not in the material employed, but rather simply the fact that “things” per se are diminishing. Along with the paperless office, much of the “stuff” of humanity has shrunk or disappeared in the digital age. It might be a small contributor, but this reality is certainly contributing to the elevated status of tangible trophies and awards.

By the same token, although engraving is a small final touch on medals, cups, and trophies, it too contributes to a greater value of the award. There’s something about hard-etched letters that gives us a sense of permanence perhaps, but an unengraved trophy feels vacuous, as though it’s a floating trophy, and you’ll have to return it after a year. True, some things are floating trophies, but at the personal level, we want recognition that carries our name and recognition we can keep. That, in a nutshell, is why the process of engraving awards not only persists, but is perhaps experiencing a current surge.

Come to the Master Engravers at Trophy and Medal Boutique

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we’ve engraved more objets d’art than we can count, and we’re all about design, build, and finish perfectly when it comes to the awards our customers seek. Call on us first, and be assured of the best design, the best materials, and a final engraved finish that will last for millennia.