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Nothing Says Smart Like the Final Engraving on a Trophy

How long has the art of engraving been around? You might think that the epoch known as the Iron Age would have heralded it as a standard art form or practical measure of branding an item, but that’s way too conservative. The Bronze Age of some 3000 years ago? That too is still far too short-sighted. As it turns out, researchers some years ago discovered an Indonesian seashell engraved by human hands, and those hands were attached to a living person at least 430,000 years ago! That’s a mighty respectable history, and it’s obvious why the craft has persisted.

Especially in an age of plastic stick-on stuff, engraving has solidified into the most durable means of marking an item for posterity. Moreover, many items when engraved are more attractive and simply look prettier. There are of course more practical reasons to get items engraved. Think of the sporting arena and the innumerable medals and trophies that dot the landscape. Such awards typically need to denote the date, the nature of the award, and oftentimes the name of the person or persons who are collecting it. That can be done in a variety of ways, but none are more durable nor look as smart. From almost half a million years to the present day, it is still a unique and valuable art.


Engraving Says It All

A thank you, a name, and the details of the event or performance in the event are all usual subjects on trophies in sports, academia, and even the business arena. Many people also engrave watches and other jewellery and, yes, in the age of the cellphone, watches are definitely jewellery today! Not only is it the mark of ownership, but engraved goods allow for a message of love, celebration, or recognition that will remain as long as the engraved object itself. Few other means of marking valuable objects can boast engraving’s durability, and by few we mean none. Especially with the modern materials used in medal- and trophy-making, engraving provides an excellent and most durable final touch to glass, steel, or wood.

Some of the best modern etching work is done by laser, and, although laser cutters are typically used to cut materials, their application as etching tools has elevated this art form to new heights. The ancients had no prayer of the kind of precision and final finish that these modern techniques produce by default. In particular, glass engraving on trophies or the inscriptions on medals is best done with laser today.


Trophy and Medal Boutique Ensures Precious Personal Engraving of the Highest Order

Trophy and Medal Boutique are specialist engravers. That means we create medals and trophies from scratch for our customers, according to their desired materials and design. We produce perfect laser engraving on a host of materials and know just how to “polish” awards to render them as smart and stylish as possible. Call on us first when you need your awards or jewellery engraved.