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Glass Sandblasting

Glass Sandblasting: A Blast Well Worth It

Sandblasting can be applied on a multitude of surfaces such as acrylic and wood, but nothing is quite as beautiful as the results when glass is sandblasted. The deep etching on glass trophies and awards looks quite dazzling. When we think of sandblasting, we have a vision of frosted glass. It is a technique where the longer the technique is applied to the area of glass, the deeper the etching appears.

Glass sandblasting is a technique where a special abrasive sand is applied to a stencilled surface at a very high pressure. When the stencil is removed, the areas affected by the sand abrasive appear frosted and textured while the rest of the glass remains smooth. The beauty of glass sandblasting is that it shows the brilliant contrast between the etched surface and the mesmerising clear surface.

Both crystal and glass are very versatile materials and a wonder to work with. We believe that working in glass sandblasting is an art. We can create the finest products of trophies and awards when we work in this medium. We have seen a huge shift in the last few years, from acrylic to optic crystal. Glass sandblasting in this medium offers a product that is filled with clarity and brilliance and allows the message to shine through.

For the perfect optic prism that reflects light spectrum, use an optic crystal for your glass sandblasting. The trophies that can be made from this are spectacular.

The Uses of Glass Sandblasting

Glass sandblasting is often utilised in corporate or premium award trophies. As much as trophies can be fashioned from wood or acrylic, the glass ones have the most wow. Crystal is a versatile enough material that inspires creativity and is clear. No blue or green hues from glass – just pure brilliance.

We don’t just stop at trophies. We offer a host of corporate gifts that are fashioned with glass sandblasting. The array of gifts we can offer is paperweights, medals, crystal desk pieces, and so much more.

Trophies are a valuable memento in everyone’s home. They remind us not just of special occasions but of achievements. Glass sandblasting adds an incredible value to any trophy or award. It makes it all the more special.

We are the glass sandblasting specialists so make sure you put your treasured mementoes into our hands of expertise. Contact us today for more information.