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Keyrings Are Good Bling

Let’s hear it for the humble keyring, hard at work carrying billions of keys over the last 70 years. Although our ancestors had rickety keyrings fashioned of all sorts of materials (the most common being iron in the case of a genuine ring upon which someone slid keys), the modern keyring as we know it is in fact a fairly recent invention. Samuel Harrison is the man credited for producing the first keyring as we would recognise them today. Around the middle of the last century, Mr Harrison brought his humble offering to market, and today it’s hard to think of any other product design that has found such wholesale uptake from the world’s people.

Also previously known as a “split ring”, keyrings may come with or without keychains-an added chain length that usually ends in a clip or fob (the fob being the appendage usually attached to decorative keyrings). Ubiquitous in the extreme, the most usually encountered keyring will be a double steel loop, where users feed keys onto one end of the loop, through the hole in the key itself. Running all of the double loop through the hole results in the key fitting nicely and securely onto the ring.

The Versatility of the Keyring

More than just personalisation, attaching the fob is also a way to enable spotting your keys from a distance, finding them easily because of what’s attached and visible on the keyring. Keyrings are standard fare in the corporate world, where designer keyrings are often employed as novelty gifts for staff and customers alike.

Like wallets, handbags, and personal jewellery, keyrings have found a niche as personal statements, and this translates to brand in the business world. A great many companies employ keyrings as part and parcel of their marketing and/or staff induction. Because they’re relatively small items, companies can afford to order many at a time, either employing them as part of the marketing material they give to clients, or as part of the staff “uniform”, encouraging every member of staff to sport a branded keyring.

Come to Trophy and Medal Boutique for Truly Bespoke Keyrings

Keyrings from Trophy and Medal Boutique come in plastic or a cast steel alloy. We’re trophy makers, and the keyrings we produce are always stylish and memorable. Corporate logos can be embossed on one or both sides of the keyring, and fitting designs that match the corporate ethos or market presence create memorable marketing tools.

Call on us when you need the very best in keyrings. We cater especially for larger quantities, waiving setup costs for orders of 1000 or more-we are here to serve you!-and we guarantee a great design and a great finish on a durable keyring that will impress.