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Laser Cutting on Trophies

Laser Cutting Has Become Standard Practice on Trophies

Laser cutting as an industrial technology has certainly become mainstream in a host of commercial applications. Whereas the original laser cutting equipment was used in the auto (heavy) industry in simple applications, today’s technology is both big and small, and to be found in a great many business niches, hard at work.

Using a modern control system, this technology can be fine-tuned for varying materials and effects. Taken as a whole, it’s fair to say that laser cutting is far more versatile than legacy engraving techniques. Led through the desired cut pattern by computer control, laser-cut trophies and medals, for example, can be far more artistically rendered, and with a far wider variety of materials, logos, and other detailing to boot.


Medals and Trophies Should Be Done Right the First Time

There’s been a large surge in DIY trophy creation on the back of retail versions of laser cutting equipment that is now commonplace, even in South Africa. It’s great that the interest in trophies is there, but making your own trophies is sort of like making your own car. It’s probably not going to result in anything worth handing out (or driving), simply because there’s a steep learning curve involved in both processes and no substitute for experience.

Laser cutting is the kind of technology that demands a portfolio of extensive experience with a variety of materials and renderings to get the best out of it. With such a fine finish possible, and with such a high standard for today’s trophies, there’s no point using modern, superior technology like laser cutting, only to get substandard results. Some things are better done by those who do them on a daily basis. Their vision, their understanding, and their practical ability are all combined to create a truly memorable trophy, one that will establish and maintain a high standard going forward.


Trophy and Medal Boutique Is Your Solution for Great Results

When you want the best out of the process of designing and rendering a trophy, or a series of medals, come to Trophy and Medal Boutique. We’re busy pushing the boundaries on what’s possible in medals and trophies for the most impressive and rewarding effects every day. We’re all about making precisely what you’re after in the most stylish and handsome materials available, with a finish second to none.

We’ve been supplying bespoke sporting and academic medals and trophies for years, and when most of our business is return business, you can be assured that we produce the goods. We want you to find the best solution in us, and we have the knowledge, experience, and creative flair to provide it. When impressive results count, call on Trophy and Medal Boutique for professional laser cutting services – we’re all about exceptional results at affordable rates!