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Medals and trophies

Medals and Trophies Go Hand in Hand

A trophy is a tangible reminder of a special event and a particular achievement. Medals and trophies are often awarded hand in hand for sporting events and big tournaments. We have had medals and trophies adorning our walls and shelves at home. School sports races, athletics, judo, and swimming are just some of the sporting events you or family members may have been presented with medals and trophies. Maybe even the egg-and-spoon race was celebrated with a small memento!

In the Past

War trophies have been around for hundreds of years, commemorating victory in battles. Originally, trophies were not as we know them today, as large double handled cups or platters with beautiful engravings. The trophies were human captives or body parts. Sporting trophies date back hundreds of years. The Carlisle Bells, a horse race dates back to 1559 and 1599 and the trophies were first awarded by Elizabeth I. Another one of the oldest international sporting trophies is the America’s Cup. It dates back to 1851 when a businessman sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and won a race around the Isle of Wight in the south of England.


Today our concept of medals and trophies is vastly different. At the final of tennis tournaments, the Number one Man and the Number one woman is presented with medals and trophies to commemorate their success.

The silver-plated cup, which has a lid and a pineapple on the topper, has the words “The All-England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World” engraved on it. The actual cup is 18,5″ inches tall and has a diameter of 7,5”. This beautiful Cup has two traditional handles with detailed engraving and a raised foot. It is very classical in style. The lid is formed with a pineapple top and a head covered with a winged helmet beneath each handle. Decorative silverwork and floral art such as this is common on sporting trophies that have been commemorating a tournament of several hundred years.


Golfers are also awarded medals and trophies when they play in the PGA or other large, acclaimed sporting events. Often the reason for presenting the winners with both medals and trophies is that the medal is given to be kept by the individual whereas the trophy will be floating. This means that the winner’s name will be engraved on the trophy, but that it will sit proudly in the sports centre or club for visitors to see.


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