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Medals and Trophies Still Rock

Medals and Trophies Still Rock the Human Boat

Sigmund Freud said: “Show me a man who doesn’t like to receive rewards like a trophy or medal, be that in the sporting, academic, or business arena, and I’ll show you a simpleton!” OK, he never said that, but he might have since it remains to this day an innately human pleasure to receive recognition for our efforts. That recognition is typically styled as a medal, plaque, or trophy, and let’s be honest – we love it! Recipients might not realise it, but we love giving out rewards too – there is joy to be had in both the making and receiving of trophies.

The history of our recognition of others, as denoted in the giving out of medals and trophies, has a diverse history going back several thousand years, with commemorative medals being a rather younger advent of the 14th century. Commemorative medals or badges have persisted since their genesis too, as there is something valuable about signalling a specific time, place, or organisation – even people – through commemorative badges and medals.


Medals and Trophies Are More Ubiquitous Than You Think

Of course, say “medal” and most people think of the Olympic Games. Those medals have a fairly long history now too, although the act of identifying and rewarding sporting, warring, or otherwise socially important people goes back thousands of years at least. The practice is even formalised in some of our human institutions, and regardless of the nationality, every military command anywhere in the world has an extensive system of medals that are awarded for exceptional performance, over and above the usual rank insignia.

If you stop to think about the many millions of entities worldwide who might generate commemorative, celebratory, or indeed any other kind of medals or trophies, it becomes obvious just what a massive behaviour it remains to reward others for their achievements. Part of the academic, sporting, and business lexicons for centuries and longer, the handing out of these awards today remains a great human pleasure, and a standard component of our affairs.


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As much as medals and trophies have remained a persistent pleasure in the modern era, so too have the materials, techniques, and final rendering of modern awards suitably enhanced the practice. Today’s trophies and medals are remarkably beautiful and durable, thanks to the incorporation of both traditional styles and modern materials and effects.

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