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The Human Penchant for Awards

We know that winning makes kids feel great, and perhaps adults even more so! Awards are so commonly valued they offset the often fierce competition that surrounds them. The sporting arena for one sees some of the fiercest competition, but when trophies and medals are being handed out, the animosity is gone, and everyone is typically happy to partake in the ceremony, even when they’re not collecting the first prize. Continue reading

Laser Cutting Awards

Laser Cutting is One Technology That Has Been a Big Improvement

Although the tools and techniques of the old school persist in some industries today, most even vaguely industrial processes have evolved substantially over the last century. Laser cutting has not just entered the mainstream as a standard practice in commerce and industry of this modern era but has rapidly climbed to be the first option for precision cutting of various materials in various industries. Material handling and engraving concerns are synonymous with laser cutting, and for good reason-the results are excellent! Continue reading

More Than Just Keyrings

About More Than Just Keys

Keyrings have a long history, from when people would carry a lucky charm on a string or chain, and often attach it to their most precious small personal possessions. Of course, up until the later centuries, people had no actual keys! Keyrings proper only really took off in the 19th century, when keys became a mainstream component of citizens’ lives. This rolled on into the 20th century and up until today. During their evolution, these accessories became far more than merely a steel ring upon which to secure your keys. Continue reading

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