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Medals for Rugby Team

Although it is unusual to present medals for a rugby team that has achieved success in their games, it is a way of ensuring that each team member receives an award for the part they played in the match. The man of the match normally receives a trophy but the other players are left without any form of reward for their efforts. Giving them each a medal will help them understand their value in the team and push them to aspire to greater success. These medals can be made from a variety of metals from gold inlays, silver, bronze to other alloys that are durable and long wearing.

Cup Trophy

At the end of most team sport tournaments, the overall winners receive a cup trophy. This trophy can permanently reside in the winners display cabinet or it can be a floating trophy. A floating trophy means that the winners can only keep the trophy until the tournament starts again in the new season. A small plaque is attached to the trophy so that wins can be inscribed with the teams name and the year in which they won the tournament. This inscription will remain on the trophy for all eternity so that everybody is aware of the accomplishments of various teams in the sport.

Awards for Soccer Team

Each member of your soccer team plays an important role in ensuring that they win their games and play well together. You should present awards for the soccer team members at the end of each soccer season so that they are aware of their value. These awards can take different forms. You can present them with a certificate, plaque, trophy or medal depicting the part that they played in the team. Even if your team has not had great success on the field, you can award the players for playing well as a team or just for their enthusiasm and character.