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Laser Cutting on Trophies

Laser Cutting Has Become Standard Practice on Trophies

Laser cutting as an industrial technology has certainly become mainstream in a host of commercial applications. Whereas the original laser cutting equipment was used in the auto (heavy) industry in simple applications, today’s technology is both big and small, and to be found in a great many business niches, hard at work.

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Medals and Trophies Still Rock

Medals and Trophies Still Rock the Human Boat

Sigmund Freud said: “Show me a man who doesn’t like to receive rewards like a trophy or medal, be that in the sporting, academic, or business arena, and I’ll show you a simpleton!” OK, he never said that, but he might have since it remains to this day an innately human pleasure to receive recognition for our efforts. That recognition is typically styled as a medal, plaque, or trophy, and let’s be honest – we love it! Recipients might not realise it, but we love giving out rewards too – there is joy to be had in both the making and receiving of trophies.

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Engraving The Ultimate Finishing Touch

Engraving is Often the Ultimate Finishing Touch on Trophies

Plaques, medals, cups and trophies-we love awards, and people young and old still jostle for a chance to get one. Schoolchildren, sportspeople, even CEOs are all eminently aware of the potential for awards available in their fraternity, and the ages-old practice of giving awards was cemented a long time ago as a globally recognised tendency. That’s actually quite a remarkable reality, if we try to think of any other custom that transcends race, culture and creed.

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