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Sports Medals

Call Us for the Best Sports Medals for Your Sporting Events!

Any sports day or sporting event without some kind of award or trophy for the winners would seem rather pointless as sport is generally something we do to win.  Traditionally, certain sporting events use medals, such as athletics and swimming, and many other Olympic sports.

Medals are an ancient tradition dating back to the Romans where people were rewarded for bravery during war – the emperor would give them money in the shape of medals, which had different values according to the importance of the achievements.  These medals were made of silver, gold and copper.  For years silver was more valuable than gold, so during these times the winners of events got silver medals and the runners up would be given a gold medal.  Later the value of gold increased substantially and since then gold has been the first prize metal.

Sports medals may appear the same, but closer inspection reveals that there are a lot of different designs, textures and sizes that are used.  You are no longer restricted to the traditional use of metals for medal design and there have been many interesting developments in the manufacture of medals from different materials.  Medals are not only made of metals any more, but can also be fashioned from crystal, glass and sometimes even wood!  They can come in various sizes, from small to medium medals to hang around the neck on a ribbon, to larger and more ornate discs that can be displayed on a specially created stand.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, our expert designers and craftspeople can create a suitable sports medal for any sporting event.  Different methods are used to create these unique items and we use a variety of die cutting or print stickers on the medals.

In addition to sports medals, we also create an array of awards and trophies, as well as other items such as promotional items, lapel badges, corporate awards, crystal awards, silver trophies, key rings, and glass products such as shot glasses or coffee mugs.  Moreover, we are able to expertly engrave these items for you through the use of various methods such as computer engraving and sandblasting.

We have a great variety in store, but you don’t have to visit us physically, because you can easily browse through our online store and place an order from there.  Our online brochure provides you with great images and photographs of our products, and you can make an informed decision about the most suitable sports medals or other awards for your event.  Moreover, you can make your payments online with ease and rest assured that our system is completely secure. Once your order is ready, we will arrange to have your sports medals delivered to you in time for your event.

If you are about to have a sporting event – large or small – contact us!  We can provide all the medals, awards and trophies you need.  We have a great product range that includes awards, medals and trophies suitable for just about any occasion, and we look forward to working with you to find the perfect awards for your event.  Call us today to discuss our fabulous product range!

Crystal Trophies

Looking for Attractive, Timeless Crystal Trophies?

Are you looking for a beautiful and eye catching trophy that is timeless and can be used for a prize giving or award ceremony?  The Trophy & Medal Boutique can help!  We have been developing and manufacturing trophies for many years, and have become front runners in the field due to our passion for the industry and the exceptional high standards we demand from our trophy designers and craftsmen.

Crystal trophies have become very popular as an award in more modern times for sporting events and corporate awards.  We have created many different types of crystal trophies that can be used to reward a winner and encapsulate the event that is celebrated.

Crystal is a very luxurious and beautiful medium to create trophies from.  It adds a dash of glamour and especially in the corporate world, this type of trophy is in very high demand.  Crystal can be cut and shaped in any form and it can be placed on a base also made out of crystal or wood.  Crystal is more affordable than you think and the different trophies will come in many different sizes and shapes, depending on the occasion that it needs to represent.  It has a similar texture to glass, but is much more valuable and known for its clarity.  It is harder in texture than glass, which means that it very hardy and durable.  The other good aspect of crystal is that it will always look great and will not be affected by the usual wear and tear.  It will look new and shiny for many years to come and will always be a timeless piece.

At the Trophy & Medal Boutique you will be able to browse through all the different crystal trophies we have available.  It will be easy to do this online as well, and our web site will give you all the information that you could possibly require regarding prices, sizes and designs.  If you find that you require a trophy that is more personal and unique, all you have to do is contact us.   Our friendly consultants, designers and manufacturing staff will have all the knowledge required to advise and assist you in creating a custom made trophy to suit your exact taste and need.  We can engrave the trophy to personalise it, and we can create a 3D crystal trophy, that will be unmatched by any other trophy.  This is the ultimate in trophy luxury and will be admired and enjoyed by everybody that looks at it.

It is very important to reward good work or acknowledge a great achievement.  This is part of most cultures and recognising achievements will always help create higher standards in the field that is being recognised and give people something to work for.  Crystal trophies are a wonderful way of doing so, as the award are admired and looked at for many years more to come.

The Trophy & Medal Boutique are able to make the perfect trophy to suit any occasion, taste and budget.  All you have to do is contact us, and we will make all your trophy dreams come true!

Sports Trophies

Get the Best Sports Trophies from Us!

There is nothing better than winning a race or beating the other team at a game.  The excitement of receiving a trophy to acknowledge the achievement will make the whole experience so much more special and memorable.  The Trophy & Medal Boutique have built up years of experience in the manufacturing and retail of sports trophies.  We pride ourselves in our top quality products that are designed and manufactured by the best craftsmen in the field.

There are many different types of sports trophies that we have on offer for you to choose from.  We use different designs and materials and it is our goal to create a trophy to best celebrate and commemorate the occasion. The different types of trophies that we manufacture are crystal trophies, acrylic trophies, 3D crystal trophies, glass and marble trophies, cup trophies, wooden trophies, figurines, resin trophies and custom made trophies. We have developed many new fresh and modern designs that represent any sporting occasions, and the trophies will come in many different colours and sizes.  It does not matter what type of material you use to manufacture the trophy from, it will be of top quality, and it will be very pleasing to the eye.

Trophy & Medal Boutique can also make custom-made trophies.  If you have not found a trophy on our website that suits your taste, you can always bring your own design to us and specify what material you would like the trophy to be manufactured from.   With all this information our designers and craftsmen will manufacture a trophy exactly according to what your needs are.  If you need assistance and advice in this process, our trained professionals are always on standby to make sure you know exactly what all your options are.

There are two ways of rewarding a winner with a trophy.  You can give out a trophy to the winner as a once off prize, that the sports men can take home with them and keep forever, or you can rotate the trophy, giving the same trophy to a different winner or winning team every year or season.  We are able to engrave these trophies as well, and this will ensure that all the winners are remembered and acknowledged as the years go on.

There are generally a ceremony to hand out trophies and awards.  It is important to be proud of the trophy you are handing over and you will want to make the receiver feel acknowledged for all the hard work that has been put into winning the award.  A trophy is something that is looked at and enjoyed for a very long time, so you do not want to compromise on a trophy that is not beautiful to look at and memorable in all ways.

Look through all the different trophies that we have created.  Find one that you like, or have us make the perfect trophy that represents all aspects of the occasion with pride.  At the Trophy & Medal Boutique, you will be able to find the perfect trophy for your occasion!  Give us a call today; we look forward to your call!