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Sandblasting Vs. Laser-cut Engraving

The Difference Between Sandblasting and Laser Cutting Engraving

It is no secret that South African businesses are struggling. With a market flooded with competitors, it is not enough to have a brilliant product or service anymore. If brands want to stand out and be remembered, they need to turn to old-school marketing tactics, such as engraved corporate gifts.

Engraving gifts is one of the best ways to show your appreciation towards your clients, suppliers, and employees. Personalisation shows that you have thought about the recipient and you have taken the time to engrave something unique and meaningful, which can go a long way in terms of loyalty. You can commemorate any occasion, and it is also a great way to increase the gifts’ sentimental value. But there are various methods of engraving, each with their advantages. If you are stuck on choosing between glass sandblasting or laser cutting, here is what you should know:

Glass Sandblasting: The Prescribed Method for Glass and Crystal

Also known as etching, glass sandblasting, as the name suggests, is a process that creates a frosting effect on glass and crystal. With the use of a pressurised abrasive stream to cut into the surface, this method of engraving allows for considerable intricacy of design, and it will not chip or fade with time. Whereas sandblasting is best for glass, laser cutting applied on the glass will create sharp shards of glass that will leave a rough surface to touch.

Laser Cutting: The Preferred and Most Affordable Method for Mass Production

Laser cutting is by far the preferred method for engraving metal trophies, as well as acrylic and plastic awards. A process where the laser beam physically removes the top surface of the material, laser cutting is fast, flexible, and precise, leaving behind a clean, crisp, and permanent mark that is easy to see and hard to wear down. Another great benefit of this engraving method is that it is automated, making it ideal for mass production.

Our Engraving Services are Fast, Flexible, Precise, and Affordable

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we specialise in the design, manufacture, distribution, and engraving of medals, coins, medallions, trophies, plates, plaques, and glassware. As a leading South African boutique awards supplier, with over three decades of experience in the industry and with a long history of satisfied clients, we stock a huge selection of crystal, wood, Perspex, glass, and metal plaques, trophies, medals, and sculptures – all of which can be engraved with your logo, personal message, or image.

To find out more about our laser cutting and sandblasting services, chat with us today.