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The Significance of Trophies

Trophies are designed to commemorate a specific achievement. They have been in the world for many hundreds of years. They are more prevalent in our lives than we may initially think. We have all been awarded a trophy at some stage in our lives, whether it was for a school sporting achievement, a club championship, an academic achievement or even an award for continued effort!

Why Do We Have Trophies?

They come in all shapes and sizes. Many hundreds of years ago, trophies were given as a symbol of victory in war. Trophies were not what we think of today. They would be human captives, or dismembered bodily parts, to denote the success of the battle.

Today, they are glamorous and commemorative and are made from materials such as silver, brass, wood, glass, or resin. Interestingly, trophies are modelled to represent what they are about. Golf trophies are often a cup with a golf ball on the top or a human figurine of a golfer for instance. The Academy Awards Oscar is a trophy with a stylized human made out of glass and the Hugo Award for science fiction is a spaceship. The Wimbledon trophies for its singles champions are a beautiful large, engraved cup for men and a large silver platter for women.

Some are designed to be given to the winner and kept for good. An Oscar or a Golden Globe is a good example of this. The trophies for the Ryder Cup or the British Golf Open, where the trophy is fondly known as The Claret Jug, are examples of where the trophy is perpetual. It is held by the winner until the same event the following year, and then is returned until the next champion wins. In some instances, if the championship is won by the same winner for a consecutive number of times, the perpetual trophy is then awarded to the champion on a permanent basis.

What Are Trophies Made Of?

Acrylic trophies are often used for business and school events. It is easy to shape but is a far cheaper option than the glass trophies, which are generally used for corporate and premium awards nights. Glass, crystal, and optic crystal are the glass options, the latter being the most expensive trophy material. Some are also made of hardwoods such as oak, teak or maple.

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