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What Other Emblem Has Proved as Durable as the Trophy?

Although some of the younger generations might not be aware of the history, trophies have been around for thousands of years. It might amuse you to know, thinking of the glitter of modern sporting cups, that early awards were wholly symbolic. They were also wholly dull! While a laurel wreath, twisted and made to fit on the winner’s head, might have been fine for the ancient Greeks at their Olympic Games, today’s expectations centre on something a little more glamorous and durable!

To be fair, Greek accolades later became a silver cup - the advent of the modern “sporting cup” - but amphoras filled with olive oil and a variety of other awards persisted at local levels. The transition of trophies from leafy twigs to gold cups happened erratically, with many trophy types in use at various locales throughout the ancient world. The first silver cup must have precipitated something grand though, as “trophy” eventually came to mean either a cup or statuette, typically made of or coated with precious metals of one kind or another – bronze for third, silver for second, and gold for the winner.


The Evolution of Trophies in the Modern Era

It was the Americans who allocated metals to placement thus, as it was they who first said, at the 1904 Olympics, “Bronze is allocated to third place, silver to second, and gold for the winner.” Of course, the Olympics is more about medals for the participants, but the associations have stuck, from both the ancient Greeks, as well as from more modern interpretations of what a trophy should be. Trophies are tangible and long-lasting reminders of achievements, and cups tend still to be silver, harking back to the ancient Greek games, while a gold trophy or medal is seen as highly desirable too, thanks to last-century America.

Today’s modern trophies are bursting with design and manufactured according to the skills and equipment of the modern era. Of course, the solid silver or gold cups of yesteryear are a lot more costly to produce today! That said, today’s accolades are more bespoke, and more accurately reflect the environment in which they select their winning recipients. A great diversity of materials is employed today, all of which add up to the extremely smart, very attractive trophies available for a lifetime of celebration in sports, business, and many other fields of endeavour.


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