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Various Types of Awards

Awards are Still an Endearing Human Practice

Awards-people still want them, and our ears still prick up when we hear someone’s won one, isn’t that so true? Who wouldn’t want to receive the recognition and praise, however modest, that an award signifies? Awards come in a host of shapes and sizes, and are given for a host of reasons, and there are also a great many styles and materials to choose from:

  • Acrylic is a name that still confuses a lot of people, and that’s also completely understandable. Many modern awards are made from acrylic, technically deemed a “glass” but actually a thermoplastic. Although it’s often hard to distinguish between glass, acrylic and crystal, when you hold various awards in your hand, acrylic will be the lightest between the three materials. Malleable and visually appealing, acrylic has secured a place in award making because of its versatility and final finish.
  • Crystal and 3D crystal trophies are fashioned from crystal, usually deemed glass with a high lead content, but crystal is in fact a subgroup of glass. Crystal is used to stunning effect in trophies small and large, and crystal trophies remain a firm favourite for modern awards.
  • The more common cousin of crystal, glass has been a component of trophies and other types of awards for a long time now, partly because of its highly reflective surface, and also perhaps because of its translucence.
  • Wood remains a staple of trophy making, as humanity’s love affair with the colours and grains of wood is unlikely to end anytime soon. Wood can also be polished to a high shine, and imbues awards with an organic yet extremely smart finish.
  • Likewise, metals are prominent in trophy making, and for almost the same reasons. While metals have no grain, they do have lustre and shine, and are extremely workable, being able to perform as small or large components of awards.

What Type of Award for You?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred material, you’ll need to select the form your award will take (although customers usually decide on both at once, when looking at previous awards to get an idea of what they’d like). At Trophy and Medal Boutique, you can trust us to give you solid advice based on years in the game, and some of the most common options include plaques or shields (usually a stylishly cut and polished wooden board with an engraved metal component and other insignia on the front), cup trophies (think World Cup), and resin trophies (resin is eminently malleable and translucent, and is a great material for award making).

There are pillar trophies too (tall and impressive trophies that usually culminate in a pedestal or platform that holds an object above it), figurines (think of the Oscars) and of course pretty much anything you can dream up can be custom made as you wish. Call us first for prompt service and great results!