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Beyond Engraving: Guidelines for Custom Awards

Awards crafted with care and specificity unlock not just individual pride but also collective motivation and a deeper sense of belonging. By going the extra mile and personalising an award, you send a powerful message to your employees. You show them that they are seen, valued, and an integral part of the team. Let us at Trophy and Medal Boutique help you foster a culture of appreciation and recognition by allowing us to tell your employee’s story through different designs and engraving techniques on your awards.

Design Considerations with Engraving

The importance of selecting the right type of engraving goes beyond mere words on awards. From font colours to materials chosen, the skilled artisans at Trophy and Medal Boutique would like to share some insight into how our engraving techniques can personalise custom awards.  

Laser Engraving

This is the most affordable option as the process is relatively quick and easy. Laser engraving the plates on the bases of trophies and wall plaques with the recipient’s name, date, and achievement is the perfect way to memorialise an individual or team achievement.


This technique makes use of special machinery that allows us to imprint letters or images on awards in long-lasting colour. Sublimation is often preferred as there are more design and colour choices ideal for personalised awards that reflect the recipient’s unique contribution and personality.     


    Sandblasting is a fine engraving technique that dates back to the late 1800s and is applied to materials, such as crystal, glass, acrylic, and metal. Employing this art to finely engrave logos, lettering, and graphics on awards is an elegant way of inscribing accomplishments.   

    Our different engraving techniques that can be applied allow us to design and create personalised awards that are as unique as the individuals receiving them.

    More Then Scratching the Surface

    For custom awards to have the intended effect, it is important that they are easily readable. Fonts evoke different feelings and make indelible impressions. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we would like to discuss some font types, making sure that the right one is selected for the occasion.  

    • Serif – for formal awards or commemorative events, we would suggest the decorative details and flourishes that this font gives at the end of strokes, such as Times New Roman.
    • Sans Serif – more informal events may benefit from the modern, casual lines of fonts like Arial.
    • Script – this font is quite popular as it resembles a more handwritten style, perfect for personalised awards. Calligraphy script adds formality, whereas Freestyle script has a more artsy feel to it.   

    Whether the occasion calls for sombre formality or playful acknowledgements of achievement, our innovative team is ready to start sketching, designing, manufacturing, and engraving your custom trophies, plaques, awards, and promotional gifts for you. Contact the company that has set the benchmark in the industry for over 30 years, Trophy and Medal Boutique.