Keyrings | Branded Corporate Gifts   

Corporate Keyrings: Promotional Products with a Lasting Impact

Not only are keyrings a necessary accessory, but they also make the perfect eye-catching promotional product when branded. These small yet mighty marketing tools create a lasting impression with their endless design opportunities that make a unique statement about your brand’s personality. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we believe in the power of a brand and are ready to create a range of quality customised keyrings that your customers will truly appreciate.

Keyrings: Practicality, Portability, and Price

The most popular promotional items share similar traits, which are portability, practicality, and price. Keyrings are the most affordable corporate gifts that can enhance your brand image. Being relatively lightweight and diminutive in size, it’s easy to keep a box or two on hand to give them out at sponsored events or give them to customers and even passersby. Keys are used several times during the day, making them the ideal promotional item as they are constantly exposed. We will assist you in designing and creating a visual presence for your company, making sure that your brand will gain recognition.  

Keeping it Simple

Online marketing and brand merchandise can get lost in the crowd, making it impossible for your brand to be seen. Keyrings are amongst the oldest forms of advertising and the most simplistic yet effective way to get brand recognition. Every time a key leaves a pocket or purse, your prospective and loyal customers will have a reminder of your company.        

Corporate Gifting with a Difference

Create a positive association with your brand by adding flair and originality to your keyrings. Let them be the conversation starter at events and meetings, breaking the ice by introducing your company in a different light. Instead of spending thousands on individual gifts that, in all probability, will find a place in the deepest recesses of a cupboard, give your customers a gift that they can use and one that they will never forget.

Maximising Brand Visibility

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we want your branded keyring to be memorable and would like to leave you with a few tips on how to maximise brand exposure on these handy items:

  • Look for a unique aspect that will make your brand stand out. Including a bottle opener on your keyring will make it more useable.
  • Keep your brand design consistent. You want customers to associate your brand with your products and services.
  • Include unusual shapes and don’t be afraid to think out of the box to make your brand memorable.

Own your brand this year by consulting with the professionals in the industry, Trophy and Medal Boutique. Our innovative, dynamic, and affordable approach toward branding opportunities will get your company recognised. All you need to do is contact us.