Engraving | Add a Personal Touch to Gifts  

Preserving Memories: How Engraving Adds a Personal Touch to Keepsakes

Giving gifts and keepsakes is almost always a reciprocal tradition and your chance to make your token of gratitude or love stand out. Engraving serves as a priceless tribute to show a person how much you care for them and is uniquely presented on a gift that will be cherished forever. Let our team at Trophy and Medal Boutique be instrumental in assisting you create a bespoke item or trinket so that when the box is unwrapped, you will know that what you have selected and engraved touches the heart.

Why Personalise Gifts with Engraving?

Buying someone the ideal gift is daunting at best, with no guarantee whether what you have bought will be worn or used. The beauty of engraving is that even a wrong gift becomes right when a personal message from the heart has been etched on the item. Engraving conjures images of exclusivity, elegance, flair, and character, knowing that the gift that you are about to give will be one to be treasured.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we would like your keepsakes to be exactly that and have listed how our engraving services can transform the most simplistic gift.

  1. Adding Meaning

Getting a wrapped item is already a surprise but imagine how much more of an impact your unwrapped surprise would make if you engrave a special message on it. What it says to the person receiving the gift is that you have put a lot of thought into not only the gift but the words too. It also conveys that you want the person to be really happy with what they have received.

  1. A Gift that Lasts

Receiving a piece of jewellery, such as a watch or bracelet, that has been engraved with something as simple as initials and date may seem trivial to some but when given to someone that you have a personal connection to, it means the world. Engraving can encompass a quirky phrase often exchanged, a mutual milestone, or a simple “I love you”, immortalising those precious words.

  1. Never to be Forgotten

Just as engraving on family heirlooms powerfully conveys a message of strength and belonging so does a keepsake that has been personally engraved. It is your way of making a historical mark, ensuring that the gift you give will be kept and be a colourful story to tell of a close friend or familial bond.

As St. Anthony of Padua so aptly said “Actions speak louder than words”. Make your actions count by allowing Trophy and Medal Boutique to stylishly and personally engrave words to your precious moments and special memories.

A Constant Reminder

Let us at Trophy and Medal Boutique give you the perfect finish to your gift by allowing our expert engravers to leave your indelible mark on it, whether elaborate and ornate or soft and subdued. Contact us today. We guarantee that your gift won’t land up in a cupboard or drawer. It will be a keepsake proudly worn or displayed.