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Eco-Friendly School Badges: Sustainable Recognition for Modern Times

The most affordable and impactful way to reward prestigious behaviour and achievements in school is through school badges. Designed to your specifications and made from durable and long-lasting material, our school badges will remain a trinket of your past scholastic career for decades and make for an interesting tale or two.

Why We Use Metal for School Badges

Although school badges can be made from a variety of materials, at Trophy and Medal Boutique, we select to manufacture our school badges from metal as we want them to last throughout the year and perhaps even longer without the worry of them getting damaged. We have also recognised that in a modern era that is more geared towards eco-friendly practices, selecting a sustainable material that can be renewed, recycled, and reused is the smart choice.

Factors to Consider Before Ordering Our School Badges

We at Trophy and Medal Boutique understand the importance of recognising future leaders and existing achievers through the pinning of school badges on blazers and would like to take this opportunity to point out a few factors that you should consider before deciding on which ones to select.

  1. Colour

As all our school badges are made according to specific requirements, before placing your order, we would suggest that you consider the colour. Do you want to incorporate the school colours or perhaps keep with a plain background and embellished writing? Consider getting the students involved in the decision-making process. After all, the badges will be for them.

  1. Design

A simplistic scroll or rectangular design denoting a student’s name and position of leadership, such as prefect, is often the preferred design choice. Incorporating the school’s emblem and motto will not only reflect a scholar’s achievement. It is a proud representation of the scholastic institution.

  1. Size

Embroidered badges on school shirts and blazers are normally a specific size. However, pinned school badges can be any shape or size that you prefer, as long as the metal badges don’t overshadow their embroidered counterparts. What will assist in deciding the preferred size is where, as a scholastic institution, you would want the badges to be placed. We would recommend that the school badge is pinned for optimal visibility.

School badges are a proud indication of both minor and major hurdles that students have overcome, and as such, we are on hand to assist you in reflecting that.   

Innovative and Creatively Designed School Badges

Ideally situated in Pretoria, we at Trophy and Medal Boutique have been instrumental in assisting schools and parents in celebrating the success of their students for over 30 years. Through skillful use of sustainable materials, we go all out in creating the best quality and most affordable product range in South Africa. Contact us and we will get started on designing and manufacturing your school badges for you.