Trophies | Importance of Awards

Trophies as Symbols: The Emotional Connection and Meaning They Carry

Sporting teams are tasked with carrying the pride of a nation on their shoulders, which they do with grace and determination, forever striving to get the ball over the try line or through the nets. There is nothing quite like the sense of euphoria you feel when the crowds are shouting out their support as you win the game and get presented with a trophy for your achievement.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we are extremely proud to be part of an industry that contributes to the successes of several sporting events through our unique custom-designed trophies.   


Trophies are Symbols of Excellence and Inspiration

Trophies are designed to be displayed, take centre place on the mantelpiece, and be a conversation point. The dedication and hours of training that go into achieving success in competitive sports should always be celebrated and remembered. Trophies are tangible proof that the training, multiple games played to move up the leaderboard, and finally achieving a space in the spotlight was worth it.

Trophies also inspire other players to reach greater heights. Whether your sporting achievement is in hockey, soccer, rugby, or cross country, to name a few, we at Trophy and Medal Boutique will have it specifically designed to depict the sport you play in and personalise it with your name as well as details of your achievement.   

A Tradition that Will Not Be Forgotten

Trophies have been the staple at sporting events for centuries, with the first being laurel wreaths or olive branches that were awarded to the athletic victors in ancient Greece. This sense of tradition continues with trophies immortalising a pivotal moment in an athlete’s life. Memories fade and moments pass but quality engraved trophies from us at Trophy and Medal Boutique will last, serving as a testament and an object that will tell a story for years to come.

You may not remember the number-one billboard hit in 1995 but you will always remember where you were when Francois Pienaar lifted the World Cup and the emotional connection you had with the team at that moment.

Bespoke Trophies

For over three decades, we at Trophy and Medal Boutique have heralded sporting and scholastic victors with innovatively designed trophies, medals, and plaques. As William L. Marcy so aptly said, “To the victor belong the spoils”, so contact us and we will supply you with the spoils in the form of bespoke trophies.